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Terms & Conditions

Euchee Meadows Nursery serves the wholesale market only.  Orders should be sent via email.  Contact information:



Phone: Daniel (423 598-9211)


*How to Order


1.  Check our availability.  Our availability is updated every Monday, 9 am.  

2.  Email us your order.  Please provide the following information in the format shown below:

                         1. Number of Flats 

                         2.  Species Desired. 

                         3. Size of Flat
                                        Example:  5  Asclepias tuberosa DP50s

3. Pickup and Delivery.  Please note your desired day and time of pick-up in your email.  If your order is to be delivered, note location and time for delivery.  Deliveries are on Tuesdays of each work week.  Pickups can be made 9:00am-3:00pm, M-F, by appointment only.  We need at least 48 hours notice for all orders before a scheduled pickup or delivery is to be made.  

4.  Order Acknowledgement and Confirmation.  You will receive a return email acknowledging your order.  Confirm that your order is correct by replying to the email.  Note any changes needed.  

5.  Invoices and Payment.  A final invoice will be sent prior to pickup or delivery.  Payment is expected at pickup or delivery via check, money order, or credit card.  Delivery rate fluctuates based on market costs.   The minimum order for out of area (beyond 150 miles of nursery) delivery is $500.  We do not offer boxed shipments through carriers at this time.  

* About our Plant Material

We guarantee that our plants are true to species, variety, or cultivar.  Our plants will be healthy and fully rooted within the plug tray upon purchase.  

1.  Minimum Order.  There is a $300 minimum order for first-time customers.  A minimum of one flat is required for all consecutive orders.  

2.  Our Flats.  Our plugs, or liners, are available in flats of 32s, 50s, and 72s.  Grasses and sedges are primarily grown in sheets of 32s with individual cell dimensions of 2.25" x 2.25" x 3" deep (square).  Flowering perennials are primarily grown in flats of 50s, both Deep Plug 50s (DP50s) and Shallow Plug 50s (SP50s), and Shallow Plug 72s (SP72s).  Deep Plug 50s have individual cell dimensions of 2" x 2" x 5" deep (octagonal).  Shallow Plug 50s have individual cell dimensions of 2" x 2" x 2.5" deep (square).  Shallow Plug 72s have individual cell dimensions of 1.5" x 1.5" x 2.5" deep (square).

     Plant material is available as a full flat only, per species.  Mixed flats are not available.  

3.  Euchee Meadows Nursery focuses on local and regional genotype plant material within a 250 mile radius of Meigs County, TN.  We propagate by seed, cuttings, and division of stock material.  Other plant material may not occur locally or regionally, but is sourced from within the trade or being of selection.  

* Terms and Conditions

Euchee Meadows Nursery is wholesale to the trade only.  Each customer must present proof of business via email upon first order.  

1.  Claims. If a customer objects to the quality of the plant material he has three days to present proof via email with pictures included.  A refund or replacement will be given if the claim is substantiated.  

2.  Dormant Plant Material.  We guarantee dormant material to be of good health and sound quality.  Customers have the same three-day window for any objections.  Any claims will not be considered past this timeline.  Species of ephemeral nature are not included in this guarantee and will be offered only within certain windows listed in the availability document.  

2.  Cancellations.  A 20% restocking fee will be accessed upon the customer if we are not given 72 hours (work days) notice of any cancellations.  Cancellations should be sent via email.  

3.  Credit.  There is no in-house credit available at this time. 

4.  Limitations.  We are not responsible for the health of the plant beyond the purchase. 

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